Benefits of Obtaining New Auto Insurance Quotes

It is very common for thousands of drivers all over the country to remain with their same auto insurance provider because they’re under the assumption it is a good deal. Switching providers may actually offer the potential for lower rates that would otherwise not be offered by simply remaining a loyal customer. According to a February 2011 survey done by Consumer Reports, drivers may be paying twice as much by choosing to stay with the same insurance company. By shopping quotes regularly the consumer is ensured to get the best possible deal on auto insurance.

Top reasons to get a new quote:

The purchase of a new car

Now that you have made the step to purchase a new car, the next step is obtaining an insurance quote that doesn’t set you back monthly. Insurance rates can vary drastically from model to model so if the new car is a different than your previous the savings may be quite lower than what you’re already managing. Some insurance companies specialize in certain makes and models; this would be a quick way to find what savings may be possible.


You are moving to a new town or city

Insurance companies have various rates for various locations. Some compete more aggressively in city areas whereby some inflate their rates where competition is less intense. Average number of accidents in that area, crime rate, and even the amount of insurance-related litigations are all considerations as to what might determine an auto insurance quote. Because of this, some insurance companies may be more specialized in insuring one area over another. It is highly advised to renew your insurance policies whenever moving to a new area.

It is necessary to change your level of coverage

When reviewing your current policy the details of your coverage may need to change; it is best to begin shopping for a new quote. To obtain the best rate possible it is very easy to check if alternate levels of coverage would be more affordable.

More drivers need to be added to the policy

Are there new drivers in your household? Some insurance companies prefer to bundle individuals under one policy. This is especially true if you are adding a first-time driver to your policy which tends to be an expensive cost but you could benefit from the right provider offering the best discount.

A change in careers

What you do may have a direct impact on the auto insurance rates you are quoted. Occupations that involve technical handling skills are usually considered safer considering the individual is more attentive. This may directly result in lower insurance rates for the road.